Channel management and content creation

Channel Management & Content Creation

Channel management & content creation

Create loyal customers, discover new audiences and share exciting content with our social media marketing services. Users now expect a high standard from brands online, with their social channels playing a major role in how potential and existing customers perceive them. To ensure you’re attracting the right customers or audience, we can offer vital insights to grow and develop your social channels. To help create stand out for your brand we offer a range of social media marketing services, including:

  • Social media strategy
  • Social media audits
  • Channel management
  • Content creation

Complete Package

  • Expertly delivered channel management, content creation and analysis.

What’s included?

Channel Management

Social media is a huge time commitment, so often it’s helpful to work closely with a trusted partner to manage and grow your audience. By handing your channel management over to us, we can keep your customers happy, field queries and keep your channels regularly updated with fresh content.

Social Media Strategy

Strategies help to focus efforts and make sure that the content being produced for your brand is in the right tone, delivered at the right time and reaching the right people. By creating a social channel strategy you’re ensuring that you efforts aren’t wasted and your focusing your energy in the right areas.

Content Creation

We’re able to produce engaging content that will excite and delight your channel followers. Whether you want to push people back to your site, grow your followers or create buzz about your brand, our content is designed to achieve all of this and more.


Once you’ve created your content and started growing your audience, it’s important to make sure your efforts are paying off! By providing you with regular reporting, we’re able to give you total transparency about how your strategy, content and relationship management is paying off.

Meet your service provider

Ruth Hartnoll is the Founder & Content Director at J&R. Her independent digital marketing agency provides a suite of services, including social media channel management and content creation. Ruth has worked in digital marketing for five years now and is a regular attendee and speaker at Social Media Meetup. You can find out more about J&R by visiting their website or following them on Twitter or Instagram.

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